Mercedes wrapped around the pole

The driver of Mercedes E 230, on a wet road lost control, hit a curb and then slammed into a support grid. The car is literally “hug” support - so strong was the blow. Rescuers arrived at the challenge to get the corpse had to use special equipment. - Comments in this news is very surprising.

19 October 2011

Poor roads have not prevented Russia rally
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• Drunk girl in the BMW pulled down 40 meters fence »»»
It all happened in St. Petersburg on the streets Korablestroiteley around midnight.
• "Drunk" drivers take to register »»»
Health Ministry of the Russian Federation proposes the introduction of dispensary observation of drivers who were denied the right of driving for driving while intoxicated.
• How to leave a tint? »»»
September 23, 2010, amendments to the Administrative Code, namely, will complement st.
• A drunken driver hiding from the Policemen in the sewer pipe »»»
In Minsk for about an hour of the night inspectors traffic police patrolling the city.
• Woman driver "Mercedes" beat pipe made her remark. The victim turned out to be major DPS »»»
May 19 8.15 Company platoon leader, a DPS Detinych telephoned to the post of DPS at 42 km highway “Cola” and said that part of St.