Fans of “Putin’s” Car recycling will pay higher taxes. It is for them to afford to hit the “environmental” initiative Minpromtorg

Initiative Minpromtorg Russia to impose different rates of vehicle tax on environmentally friendly car to hit in the first place by those who used the state program utilization. Recall last week, Ministry of Industry proposed the introduction of different rates of transport tax for different types of vehicles: for the Euro-5 - at 0.7 to the Euro-4 - 1, for the Euro-3 - 1,2, for the Euro-2 - 1 6.

For cars without environmental class (ie, acquired before 1 January 2006. When this option is not stated in the document), vehicle tax, and does offer a double. Crawfish Ministry of Industry does not intend: the only way to stimulate the purchase of cleaner vehicles and successfully implement the Strategy for development of car industry until 2020., According to the Office.

21 September 2010

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Muscovites have ignored the “Day without cars”

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved the introduction of utilization in the country with a collection of Russian and foreign car manufacturers.
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Electric cars should be 30% of the park service cars in China by 2016 - such an order issued PRC government.
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Program subsidizing the purchase of new vehicles with simultaneous utilization of old earns from March 8.
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Since September 2014 Russia will launch the fleet renewal. Motorists will be able to get discounts on cars of domestic production size 50 … 350 thousand.
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About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen.