Chinese invasion of Russia’s car market has entered a new phase

Already this year in Russia may start construction of two plants - Great Wall and Chery. As predicted by experts at your business Great Wall, but SUVs, will start producing and cars.
SUV manufacturer Great Wall has signed an agreement with the government of Tatarstan, which this year will begin work in Yelabuga plant, output capacity of 50 000 vehicles. The enterprise will produce engines, bodies and cars themselves. However, until more to tell exactly what the cars will be produced in Tatarstan, the Moscow office of Great Wall refuse.
However, according to some sources, the main power of the new company will be busy Hover SUV and a kind of pick-up. Most likely, the second machine will be a new model Wingle, which supplies on Russia’s market will begin soon.

9 March 2007 | car market, company, construction, experts, great wall, issue, plant, russia, suv

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• Mitsubishi plans to open production in Russia »»»
Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi plans to build its plant in Russia.
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Postponed until the ceremony of laying the first stone, finally took place.
• Mitsubishi will build plant in Russia »»»
The Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors Corp. going to build a car plant in Russia.
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Ministry of Economic Development of Russia until the end of April will hold final talks with the world’s automobile companies, who plan to begin assembly of its commercial vehicles in Russia.
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A new model from Porsche peredneraspolozhennym engine - a four door coupe Panamera - should debut in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.