Blonde opens the car with a tennis ball

The video which demonstrates the good old way to open the car with the help of an ordinary tennis ball (with a small hole in it).
Go on for two reasons, first, expanding horizons =) who knows that in this life, useful, and the second, check your auto, if it does not open in this way, if so, take action.

6 February 2007 | ball, life, measure, method, reason

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• Virtual cable »»»
“Virtual cable” - a device that plugs into a torpedo car, synchronized with gps-navigator and project a route directly to the windshield as a red line.
• Auto company opens museum for lazy »»»
Auto company are opening their own museums, kinking American Advertising
• Test-drive Mazda CX-7: The car you said listen and obey! »»»
“He stood on the court - an intense and muscular.
• Virtual Cable »»»
“Câble virtuel” - un appareil qui se branche sur une torpille automobile, synchronisés avec le GPS-navigateur et de projeter une route directement vers le pare-brise comme une ligne rouge.
• Opened Internet-shop "Driving" »»»
We solemnly announce the sale of goods through its own online store open!