From drinking while driving will not fight

Stock GAI “drunk driving”, which took place on the last weekend in Moscow, once again demonstrated how the situation started. found that solve the problem of RF State Duma deputy’s own lack of organization prevents …

29 January 2007 | action, driver, duma, handlebars, issue, moscow, mp, russia, situation

Holders spetsnomerov get in an accident is 30 times more likely to
AvtoVAZ two years will produce “classic”

• CTP will make less »»»
In the near future the cost of CTP policy can be significantly reduced.
• In Germany, most drunken drivers »»»
According to a study conducted by TISPOL, an international organization promoting the joint service of the traffic police of the EU countries, we found out the fact that most drunk drivers in Germany.
• On machines deputies "Tricolor" changed to the numbers of special series »»»
On Wednesday, came into effect a ban on the use of deputies and senators of special license plates with the tricolor in their official and private cars.
• Committee of the State Duma approved a ban on the reconciliation of the parties in an accident with dead »»»
Responsible for an accident, which killed people, a proposal to ban the exemption from criminal liability after reconciliation with the aggrieved party.
• Traffic police find the perpetrators of pre-New year traffic jams in the capital. This drivers »»»
For none of those in the New Year days in the capital is no secret that Moscow is “not only in peak hours, and from early morning until late at night.