Car Windows

Progress does not stand still: the world no longer seems to be a single machine, which would not have used one or other computer technology. But once there is hardware, you need and “soft”. Just software Ford vehicles and is going to do not unknown company Microsoft.

Microsoft will have to carefully to catch all the “bugs” of the program - otherwise the evil tongues immediately christened it “the automotive Windows”. However, the main thing - that it is not hung somewhere on the Highway.

20 December 2006 | microsoft, technology, windows, world

Main Events automotive life in Russia in 2006
Of the 114 000 vehicles stolen in 2006., Found less than 35 000

• Microsoft and Ford demonstrate Sync »»»
At the last exhibition of future products in 2008, the program “Blue Oval” demonstrated its willingness to compete on many fronts, including the transmission, quality interior and overall improvement.
• The Swiss are building a real car-wreck »»»
Company Rinspeed has developed the world’s first car, which is able to swim under water like a submarine, and without stopping to go ashore, continuing the movement on the highway.
• The singer Alexander Marshall drove a new Toyota Landcruiser »»»
In the car, Marshall was installed the AutoLocator. This anti-theft system that uses the principles of satellite-based search technologies and technology radio search.
• Windschutz zu einem Info-Center »»»
Microsoft hat in das Büro des United States Patent and Trademark regulären Patentanmeldung, die eine neue Art der Schnittstelle für Fahrzeuge beschrieben, eingereicht werden.
• Windscreen become an information center »»»
Microsoft has filed in the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark regular patent application which describes a new type of interface for vehicles.