35% of Russians are ready to buy a new car in the coming year

About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen. In total, over the next three years it plans to make 66% of respondents. According to the agency, most Russians when buying a car guided by “practical” grounds, such as the desire to get better equipment. 19%, in contrast, simply want to replace the old, “boring” car on the new one. Moreover, among women car owners such responses was somewhat greater (22%). However, one-third of those planning to purchase a vehicle in the next three years, forced to lower the bar when buying and buying less expensive car. The main reasons for saving on buying another car respondents most often called growing up prices, risk aversion and spend more because of insecurity, as well as increased rates. Still, demand for loans may rise in the near future: among those who plan to purchase within the next 12 months, 44% intend to use the credit. Looking at other options for buying a car, 15% interest in the program of state subsidies for the purchase of vehicles produced in Russia. Also 37% of respondents willing to consider a purchase through the Trade-In (exchange of an old car with a new co-payment). According to Nielsen, one in every three cars in Russian cities with populations over 100 thousand people had been bought using credit services. 74% owned by current car less than four years. 72% of the cars were purchased new. 68% of the private fleet in the large cities of Russia - foreign cars (including manufactured in Russia). The survey was conducted in late May 2010 among car owners on the basis of an online panel Avtoopros “, with over 35 thousand respondents in Russian cities with population over 100 thousand people.

20 August 2010

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