We Lada Priora body - pure Nouveau

On the Volga Automobile Plant is completed the next stage of optimization of passive safety of a new flagship family of Lada Priora, which is destined to soon be replaced on the conveyor AvtoVAZ “ten”.

21 January 2008 | automobile, avtovaz, body, conveyors, family, lada priora, security, stage, ten

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• WHA stopped issuing "Samar" motor 1,5 »»»
Volga Automobile Plant has stopped production of the family Lada Samara cars with engine capacity of 1.
• "Lada C" will cost 12 thousand dollars cheaper »»»
The new model is Volga automobile plant - a car class “C” - will cost no more than 12 thousand dollars.
• AvtoVAZ two years will produce "classic" »»»
We AvtoVAZ produces two modifications of the “classics” - Lada 21053 ( “Five”) and Lada 2107 ( “Seven”).
• AvtoVAZ zwei Jahren produzieren "klassischen" »»»
Wir AvtoVAZ produziert zwei Änderungen der “Klassiker” - Lada 21053 ( “Five”) und Lada 2107 ( “Sieben”).
• "Lada C" coûtera 12 mille dollars moins cher »»»
Le nouveau modèle est Volga usine de construction automobile - une classe de l’automobile “C” - coûtera pas plus de 12 mille dollars.