Ferrari has released cars on ethanol

Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars under Ferrari International Automobile Salon in the United States introduced the first in its line of vehicles that run on ethanol. In Ferrari notes that the new Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel reflects a view of the growing popularity of alternative fuels, on the other hand the transition to ethanol did not affect the power of the car and he still sports Kar with a powerful engine.

Basic fuel for the Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel has become an American fuel E85, which is 85% composed of ethanol and 15% of gasoline, reports Reuters.

During the press conference following the presentation of the head of Ferrari, Amedeo Felisa said that by 2012 the company plans a 40% reduction in harmful emissions produced by cars.

Felisa said that in connection with the transition to a new kind of fuel Ferrari revised fuel injection system, which is now completely controlled by computer. As a result of computer fuel management company managed not only to preserve the power of the car, but 5% lower fuel consumption compared to petrol cars without a computer control system.

Reuters notes that the Ferrari, a member of the Italian automobile concern Fiat, in 2007 sold 6 400 new cars, which is 14% more than in 2006. The greatest growth in demand for sports cars the company occurred in Asia, particularly China (+50%), followed by the Middle East (+32%).

15 January 2008 | ethanol, ferrari, fuel, line, producer, salon, united states

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