Favorite automotive brands

Consumer Reports, which enjoys great popularity among motorists, decided to consider consumer attitudes towards different brands. Interestingly, Toyota and Honda, by far, were named the best. But in other categories, the situation is different.

Title of most powerful vehicles worthy representatives of BMW and Porsche. Kia has been named the best buy. If we talk about the most stylish car, here are leading Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, as well as Cadillac, which, though a little behind them. Most environmentally friendly company cars are Toyota. And the safest was chosen brand Volvo.

11 January 2008 | attitudes, brand, consumers, honda, motorist, popularity, question, toyota

Formula 1 will not pass on the track at Le Mans
Toyota plans in 2010 to sell a million hybrids a year

• Created by a car with a capacity of 1 HP »»»
Company Fleethorse, which is based in Dubai, presented a draft of a new environmentally friendly vehicles with capacity of only 1 hp And in this case that the machine will actually have one horse.
• Announced the winner of "World Car of the Year. Volkswagen Polo took the top prize. »»»
At the auto show in New York summed up the annual contest “World Car of the Year.
• The most stolen car in Moscow recognized Kalina »»»
One fifth of all stolen cars in Moscow owned by the brand of the Volga car.
• EU Trade Commissioner refused to purchase Mazerati »»»
Commission President José Manuel Barroso refused Briton EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson in his request to get him in administrative use the prestigious Executive Car of the Italian company Mazerati.
• The magazine "Auto Motor und Sport" called the most beautiful cars »»»
German publication Auto Motor und Sport published the results of the annual competition “Autonis”.