Pants - Japanese auto accessory

I present to you the last product of the Japanese auto accessories ^ ^

So, a pair of shorts that are attached to the front license plate. Pathological Japanese love everything that is associated with a toilet, Hentai, and in general …

11 January 2008 | account, auto accessory, couple, coward, japanese, news, number

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• The Japanese have invented a special toilet for drivers »»»
The Japanese company Kaneko Sangyo Co., A manufacturer of plastic accessories for cars, has decided to take care of those who have to stay for a long time behind the wheel.
• The most curious vehicles planet. Auto-bed, plush car, car, boat, motor-boat and car-ball »»»
To attach the wheels and the motor can be any object and make the car out of the bath, toilet, or sofa.
• 1901 - State of New York introduced the world's first car number »»»
In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies.
• Car - diamond - Chinese concept »»»
At the Detroit auto show in China presented a car Rhombus.
• New Mercedes GLK Freeside »»»
Recently, the official presentation of new products Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside.