9 ways to save gasoline avtoputeshestviyah

With the onset of autumn and cooling avtoputeshestviya in Russia are not too relevant. However, many of us, going abroad, take rent a car, getting unlimited autonomy and independence. But the price of fuel abroad, sometimes significantly so hurts the pocket, that you begin to think about his savings. And fuel economy is possible, observing some simple tips, both at home and in overseas voyage …

22 October 2007 | avtoputeshestvie, economy, fuel, method, petrol, russia

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How rabotoet spoiler?

• Daewoo Nexia New is on a conveyor »»»
Beginning next month, a major supplier of “Uzbeks” in Russia’s market, the company UzDaewooAuto begins production of new generation cars, economy class, one of the most popular among domestic car owners, whose arrival in dealer showrooms planned in 2009.
• Toyota is preparing a "people's car" for Russia »»»
President of the Japanese automobile giant Toyota Motor Katsuaki Watanabe confirmed that his company is developing small and inexpensive “народный car for Russia.
• Toyota Prius will now work on solar-powered »»»
The already efficient car got a package of options that makes it even more advantageous in terms of fuel economy.
• Toyota plans in 2010 to sell a million hybrids a year »»»
Today, hybrids and electric vehicles are enjoying increasing popularity. We can say that it is on such machines are pinning their hopes transport and automobile industry.
• At UAZ going to breed dinosaurs »»»
In early September, UAZ issued a press release, which announced