In New York build the future street

One of the streets of New York - The Ninth Avenue in Chelsea - will soon be rebuilt and will please cyclists! Of the street of the future, as it is called the officials will be three-meter track for cyclists and other lovers of alternative transport modes (eg, scooter). In addition, the sidewalks will now be more!

26 September 2007 | amateur, cyclist, new york, official, street, transport, view

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• Europe's biggest street battle cars "King of Europe" »»»
In connection with the very dynamic development of drag racing in Eastern Europe, Europe’s biggest street battle cars “King of Europe”, in 2007 will be held in Poland.
• In Moscow will create a museum of vintage cars »»»
Municipal Museum of the retro cars will be in Moscow on Malaya Trubeckoy street in place of the fifth trolley park, told RIA Novosti source in the city administration.
• Neat Dutchmen were removed from the streets of traffic lights »»»
Traffic lights make the road dangerous, so it is best to remove them.
• Today in India was presented the car for 2,5 thousand dollars »»»
The long-awaited premiere of the car, whose value is only 2,5 thousand dollars, was held Thursday in the Indian capital, the Ashgabat correspondent of RIA Novosti.
• 1901 - State of New York introduced the world's first car number »»»
In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies.