Auto insurance for women

Who would have thought that in such a conservative industry like insurance could creep customization by sex clients. British company Sheilas’ Wheels, founded in October 2005, makes a unique offer for women.

24 August 2007 | customer, insurance, october, offer, woman

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• Auto Casco in Moskve.Nizkie tseny.Dostavka. »»»
We suggest you purchase insurance CASCO discounted 2-10%. Our site
• A new site AUTONIKS »»»
Company brings together the three major car salon in Moscow.
• Putin signed amendments to the law on OSAGO »»»
As experts of insurance companies in the new conditions defeats the purpose of certificates of insurance to be issued to drivers, insurers upon termination of the contract.
• BMW and Google are launching a new joint service. »»»
Navigatsioennaya system adopts information from the Internet - Google hopes to get the network avtodillerov as customers.
• Automobile owners learn about the bankruptcy of their insurer after an accident »»»
Experts have long warned that the insurance companies have become financial pyramid: the collection of contributions and no benefits.