Kings slip - Drifting or one of the most beautiful views of motorsport!

Surely anyone who has a car, loves her affliction in drifts on the free tracks and empty sites. Especially in winter, when it is so simple, but looks very impressive - with lots of snow and spray from the wheels. Drifts always loved and in Hollywood - a rare cinematic chase do without them. But in racing, on solid surfaces, drifts never got accustomed: beautiful, of course, but some give points for speed! Exceptions are unless soil or snow, where the sideslip provides additional braking and turning can go faster. But who could imagine that the mole will turn even in technique, and in some sport - drifting.

4 September 2006 | drift, motorsport, slip, snow, view, wheel

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62 vehicles collided in the fog at the Krasnodar: 12 burned.

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