Friday, 13: signs, bringing misfortune to the driver

Friday, the thirteenth. In particular nervous trembling hamstring and they do not even think about how to get behind the wheel of his car. Those who are preparing themselves to overcome, should take a closer by road to all kinds of superstitions.

12 April 2007 | driver, friday, handlebars

Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Peugeot begin to assemble its cars in Russia
Russia is ready to become number one for Toyota

• Crew Mardeeva "KAMAZ-Master" after 7 stages took 2 nd place in the overall rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
Crew Ilgizar Mardeeva moved into second place overall in the rally “Dakar-2007″ after gathering at the seventh stage of the crew of the Dutchman de Roy.
• Spy Photos updated BMW 6 Series »»»
The German company BMW is preparing a small facelift 6 Series.
• Russia has banned selling used cars with hands »»»
Buy cars with mileage in Russia with it will soon be impossible.
• Humor cop »»»
Seeing the beautiful foreign car with dark blue numbers - necessary to walk up closer to her.
• As fleet in St. Petersburg;) »»»
Workshop parking large Japanese dzhippa Nissan on a small street.