“Soviet jeep” 30 years

Legendary “Field” is celebrating its 30 anniversary. VAZ-2121 - the dream of all gardeners who had to get to their almost six hundred square off-road.

Were developed armored cars and SUVs for travelers. Especially for the military engineers have created a swamp VAZ, told it to.

And the original model created for Yuri Nikulin Circus, drove the bear. Among the achievements of “Niva” - an absolute record for the car: a 99-m height, the car won nearly six thousand meters in the mountains of Tibet. “Soviet jeep spent 15 years in Antarctica and twice conquered the North Pole.

4 April 2007 | cornfield, dream, jeep, suv

Test Nissan Qashqai / Best of the worlds
In the center of Moscow detonated a passenger car

• 75 years for "GAS" and - not age! Gorky Automobile Plant 75! »»»
They began to make drawings by American, but for Russian roads.
• Stolen car returned to owner after 30 years »»»
Police handed California Ronald Leingu Ford Thunderbird “(Ford Thunderbird) 1956 release, which he was last seen June 21, 1976.
• 1970 - rolled off the first car "VAZ-2101" »»»
April 19, 1970 with a newly constructed pipeline WHA went first car - VAZ 2101 - “penny.
• New Citroen Berlingo »»»
Recently, at a special promotional website Citroen was presented Berlingo light commercial vehicle new generation.
• Flying car X-Hawk will go on sale in 2010 »»»
Tireless Israeli doctor Yoli Rafi (Rafi Yoeli) and his company Urban Aeronautics told reporters something new about the flying car X-Hawk.