Essen Motor Show / Essen tuning salon

They say that in Europe tuning industry is experiencing a decline … Still do not understand us enlightened Europe. They are there for each country (the size of a quarter of our Yakutia maximum) auto show world scale, and Europeans are complaining about a recession.

4 March 2007 | autosalon, country, europe, salon, size

Subaru Rally of Mexico will arrive at the updated machine
Koenigsegg CCXR -1018 horsepower

• Expected new items Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) »»»
September 13 starts the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (International Motor Show Frankfurt / Main 2007), who in this year’s 62 in a row.
• In Europe, the ban fast cars Issue »»»
In Europe, may prohibit the production of vehicles with a maximum speed exceeding 101 miles per hour (162 km / h).
• AvtoVAZ close to stopping production! »»»
Closer to winter AvtoVAZ hastened to declare that “monitoring the situation on the market, but frantic zatovarka allegedly linked to the seasonal decline in sales.
• Debut crossover BMW X6 2008 »»»
At the threshold in the Detroit Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show 2008) German company BMW introduced the official photos and video of the new X6 2008.
• Internet - a great power: the car doctor Emtseva bought the world »»»
“All Together” - is not a figure of speech. Fedor Semenov, organizer of the rally to raise funds for the Murmansk doctor, said that the money came not only from Russia but also in America, Ukraine, Europe and other countries.