Due to lack of roads in Moscow can be halted housing construction

Moscow officials fear that will soon travel to the city will become impossible: the houses built more and more, and normal roads and parking lots and so not enough. To Moscow has turned into one giant cork, the authorities are prepared to limit the construction of housing.

14 January 2007 | accommodation, city, construction, moscow, official, place

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• In Moscow will create a museum of vintage cars »»»
Municipal Museum of the retro cars will be in Moscow on Malaya Trubeckoy street in place of the fifth trolley park, told RIA Novosti source in the city administration.
• On New Year all parking in Moscow will be switched to cashless payments »»»
Moscow authorities to January 1, 2008 shall, for all the capital’s car parks cashless form of payment.
• Traffic police find the perpetrators of pre-New year traffic jams in the capital. This drivers »»»
For none of those in the New Year days in the capital is no secret that Moscow is “not only in peak hours, and from early morning until late at night.
• Muscovites have ignored the "Day without cars" »»»
Moscow drivers have ignored the event “A Day Without a Car”, conducted on Sept.
• How do parking from 1 January 2008 »»»
As it usually happens in Moscow, free parking was not and had to find room for oneself “where they took.