Alliance of Toyota and Ford are not far off?

… Top managers automakers have discussed cooperation …
According to official statements, the heads of the second-largest automaker Toyota and Ford third merger not discussed. But experts believe that the producers have made a serious step towards the alliance, which may eventually take shape in 2007

27 December 2006 | alliance, automaker, carmaker, cooperation, ford, head, statement, toyota

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• Toyota opened the first of the automakers in Russia own bank - "Toyota Bank" »»»
Those who want to buy a Toyota car loan will soon be able to arrange it in his own bank automaker.
• Concerns General Motors and Ford may unite! »»»
“Mania alliances” made a new turn. First, General Motors wanted to merge with Renault / Nissan, followed by a similar union of the French proposed to Ford.
• Ford plans to sell Land Rover and Jaguar »»»
According to John Fleming, head of Ford in Europe, the U.
• Trade war with Toyota Motors USA »»»
The U.S. government declared war against the Japanese corporation Toyota Motors.
• AvtoVAZ has chosen partner »»»
AvtoVAZ and Canada’s Magna “(Magna) would produce cars in Russia, a class” C “.