On the courtesy call on the road, why not “bykovat”

There once was a Matthew Urin[/t:[t:tag slug=urina]Urin (1934) - the owner as much as much as 5 banks - the “Slavic”, traditional bank, the bank’s “Troy House, and Uralfinprombanka Donbanka. Well, as well as heaps of other enterprises.

So he began it because his dad - Roman Matveyevich Urin, 64-year-old member of Union Veterans of Military Intelligence, Major-General seems to GRU.

When there is a roof - life is beautiful. Therefore, Matthew lived on the ruble, and went with a motorcade and security.

He rode like a home along a dark highway Rublevskoe evening of 14 November, and suddenly his motorcade had overtaken the usual BMWs. And such Wedboo not in concepts - not steep Lohamei overtake.

Matthew R. gave the order and security undermined first BMW, and then a little bit loshka beaten and his car. Well, as usual - he studied for and forgotten.

But this time things went differently, and both spun!

Step One - beaten Yorrit Fausse was a Dutch citizen

Step two - and former board member of Stroytransgaz - one of the largest construction companies in Russia

Step Three - Yoorit may have met with modest Russian girl Ekaterina P.

Step Four - Ekaterina P. complained to his father, Vladimir P. that her boyfriend beat.

The next day, the Federal Security Service arrested seven employees of CHOP “Bastion” and most Mathew Urine on Novy Arbat with weapons and drugs in vehicles.

Urine was sent to a detention facility FSB Lefortovo

Security officers went into the house of a businessman with a search and found many interesting documents. As follows from the publications, in particular, was found a plan diagram of bribes to the judges of the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

The Central Bank revoked the licenses of all banks in urine.

Urine is now charged with disorderly conduct (up to 7 years), then perhaps more will be charged with bribery, fraud, etc. Receive about 10 years strogacha in my opinion - and confiscation of property.

And why? Because of the modest Dutchman was not habit pontovat

8 January 2011

“Sunny” car was in the Guinness Book of Records
Avtodiskaunter - in Finland can take a car to rent for 1 euro per day

• In Russia will actively promote electric vehicles »»»
Company "Rossetti" will continue to implement the national program for the development of charging infrastructure.
• The robbers were planted by the owner of cars to the Moscow Ring Road »»»
In Moscow, the robbers stole luxury cars, along with the owner, who was deputy director of a major corporation.
• Due to lack of roads in Moscow can be halted housing construction »»»
Moscow officials fear that will soon travel to the city will become impossible: the houses built more and more, and normal roads and parking lots and so not enough.
• Murmansk activists outraged ONF why port workers luxury minivan for 2.8 million rubles? »»»
Activists of the "For Fair procurement" of the regional branch
• Khabarovsk police demanded 300,000 rubles for the return of stolen cars »»»
In the Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case against three members of the criminal investigation department of the Amur region.