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18 September 2010

Drivers and passengers of cars forced to wear helmets
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• CTP dubbed the motorists »»»
Insurance payments will increase to 400 thousand rubles. Refusing to sell policies insurers will be punished with fines.
• Published an amendment to abolish the pass inspection »»»
Amendments to the Law of the checkup, and the law on compulsory motor TPL published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on 30 July and thus come into force on that day.
• Calculation of payments on CTP will lead to a common denominator »»»
The Russian Association of Motor Insurers will develop a unified methodology for calculating the cost of repairing damaged vehicles.
• CTP policies: a major scandal erupted »»»
Owners of 626,000 compulsory civil liability motor insurance company "Russia" can face serious problems.
• Putin signed amendments to the law on OSAGO »»»
As experts of insurance companies in the new conditions defeats the purpose of certificates of insurance to be issued to drivers, insurers upon termination of the contract.