Geneva Motor Show 2010: the crisis shows no interference

International Motor Show Geneva Motor Show 2010, which passes these days in Switzerland may be the most impressive in the last two years.

2010 Geneva Motor Show this year is a jubilee - already in the 80 th time he opens his doors to all comers. And as we are assured organizers of the event, this year’s Geneva auto show gathered a record number of visitors for the entire 105-year history of the exhibition. More than 250 companies and 700 brands representing 30 countries, showed more than 100 new models.

11 March 2010

China became the largest automobile market of the world
Utilization Program of cars - first caught crooks

• Brazilian singer asks criminals do not break down the door of his car »»»
Five times during the eight days the car was robbed musician from Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre.
• In the UK, opens factory car Saab »»»
At the recently opened plant in the UK sports car manufacturer Spyker has released the first model car, called the Aileron.
• De Tomaso Pantera break free. »»»
The world market has returned company De Tomaso and immediately proceeded to the creation of a new car Pantera.
• In an abandoned car show car revealed rare »»»
In the Canadian city of Ontario is one of the BMW dealership is closed now for 23 years, but in its depths, as it turned out, brand new cars are kept of previous years.
• Current Motor Show in Geneva was the most environmentally friendly: how many such hybrids have not yet been offered. »»»
Each year in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show, meet all the world’s major automakers, to once again come together in the battle for the heart of the buyer.