Unique Plymouth Belvedere 1957 release of the rust has eaten

Underground concrete sarcophagus, in which 50 years ago, American authorities put the city of Tulsa luxury coupe, was leaking, and seep into the water it is almost completely filled the room.

18 June 2007 | city, clump, issue, power, water

Penalty for lack of license plate decreased 50 times
In Holland caught 84-year-old driver, who had gone 67 years without a license

• As rail crane became Rolls-Royce »»»
As of the close coupe turned “living room on wheels.” Who in the morning called President FIAT.
• Muscovites have ignored the "Day without cars" »»»
Moscow drivers have ignored the event “A Day Without a Car”, conducted on Sept.
• 1901 - State of New York introduced the world's first car number »»»
In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies.
• In an abandoned car show car revealed rare »»»
In the Canadian city of Ontario is one of the BMW dealership is closed now for 23 years, but in its depths, as it turned out, brand new cars are kept of previous years.
• Pornoprobeg held in New Zealand "Boobs on bikes" »»»
In Auckland, New Zealand, despite the objections of the mayor of this city, took Runs “Boobs on bikes”.