62 vehicles collided in the fog at the Krasnodar: 12 burned.

A major accident occurred on Monday at the entrance to Krasnodar. Because of heavy fog at the entrance to the city of Rostov-na-Donu encountered 62 car.
In the epicenter of the accident were 29 cars, 12 of which caught fire - 11 cars and a truck. A large cluster of cars setting off a chain accident.

10 September 2006 | accident, city, entry, event, fog, krasnodar, monday

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Giant “chain”-vehicle crashes occurred on Saturday morning in California. As the newspaper Los Angeles Times, about 7:45 am on the highway number 99, crossing the state from north to south, near the city of Fresno faced 108 vehicles, among which 18 heavy trucks.
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A major accident took place in Novosibirsk on Monday. Unmanaged 18-ton diesel crane KrAZ “went to the crossroads in the area of Labor and crushed 17 cars standing there with people.
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The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 14, around 22:20 on a 24-kilometer highway Rostov-na-Donu - Stavropol.
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Every day in Moscow and Moscow region is the set of major and minor accidents, most of them - ordinary and unremarkable accident.
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Recorded in Moscow with spetsnomerami cars in 2006 fell into the accident is almost 30 times more likely to ordinary cars, reports on Sunday, Interfax reported.