Personal Cooling System

Surely you know the feeling of incredible relief, which comes in a hot summer day, when you cover the neck with a towel dipped in cold water. Doctors recommend this method as an effective tool to combat overheating. The basis of the personal cooling system of LeFutur is the same principle: it is enough to cool the neck, to feel the freshness throughout the body. From a personal air conditioner you no longer have to sit indoors to escape the summer heat! Secure the device is unique in the neck - and you will feel the invigorating cool even in the hottest day.

Power: 1 AA batteries

15 May 2007 | cooling, neck, system, water

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Fully chrome car looks very cool. Cover with a layer of sparkling car, using the usual method of chromium is rather difficult.
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Komplett Chrom Auto sieht sehr cool. Cover mit einer Schicht von Schaumwein Auto, mit der üblichen Methode von Chrom ist ziemlich schwierig.
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