Held two auctions for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles in / h 28178. Outcome - to 140.7 million rubles for the parts on a car

During the auction for the maintenance and repair 41 of Volkswagen and Audi starting price of the contract reduced from 11.73 billion rubles, almost half - one of four bidders offered at 10.46 MSK perform the contract only for 5,769,180,528 rubles and 57 kopecks. Thus, the parts and service each car is allowed to spend more than 140.7 million rubles. The price of one of the new Volkswagen Passat (such machines in the application for repairs including 27), even in a rich complete set of just over 1.1 million rubles.

The total cost of another contract for maintenance and repairs of 55 vehicles Ford has dropped from 4 billion rubles to 2.28 billion rubles - that is, on average, repairs and spare parts for each of the 55 cars Ford, of which 41 Focus, three Mondeo, Galaxy and one Explorer and 9 vans Transit, more than 36 million rubles.

21 March 2011

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• Small business is actively using avtolizingovymi Express products Sberbank »»»
Express leasing Sberbank's subsidy program of Industry and Trade of
• Finance Minister of Dagestan to order a car for 8.5 million rubles (official buying armored AUDI A8L through the budget) »»»
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Dagestan posted on the site of public procurement order to purchase an armored vehicle for AUDI A8L 8.
• In St. Petersburg unknown repaired the bridge for three days »»»
An unexpected development was the situation with the repair of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky.
• Murmansk activists outraged ONF why port workers luxury minivan for 2.8 million rubles? »»»
Activists of the "For Fair procurement" of the regional branch
• In Russia, prices plummeted used cars »»»
From January to May, sales of used cars in Russia fell by a quarter, according to Kommersant.