Moscow court arrested the founder of the project “”

Tver Court of Moscow issued a warrant for the arrest of the founder avtosoobschestva “” videoblogera and stritreysera Eric “Davidovic” Kituashvili. This was reported, “Russian news service“.

A preventive measure chosen on the request of the investigation for the period until April 20.

“No one is afraid, go straight, we will fight to the last,” - said Kitaushvili reporters at the courthouse. According to him, it is in the dock because of his fight against corruption. The defendant claims that the case against him was fabricated.

Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Kituashvili filed charges of theft of funds in especially large size, belonging to one of the insurance companies. This was reported in the capital’s head office the police, RIA Novosti reported.

February 20 opened a criminal case against unidentified persons under Article 159 of the Criminal Code ( “Fraud in a large scale”). As part of the investigation he was arrested Kituashvili.

According to investigators, in June 2008 he, together with unidentified persons in the Kargopol street in the capital staged the theft of expensive foreign cars. Then the attackers presented to the insurance company with false documents. At the expense of one of the capital of banks was transferred to the insurance compensation in the amount of 1.35 million rubles for allegedly kidnapping and insured vehicle. Thus, the insurance company has suffered material damage on a large scale.

According to police, the founder avtosoobschestva involved in the commission of more than eight similar crimes.

Earlier, on February 22 the lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that investigators suspect Kituashvili of involvement in the assassination attempt against the president of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who was made in June 2009.

In the online club “” There are more than three million subscribers.

22 February 2016

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