Automobile owners learn about the bankruptcy of their insurer after an accident

Experts have long warned that the insurance companies have become financial pyramid: the collection of contributions and no benefits. In a crisis situation has become critical. But, obviously, not so much that it drew attention to the very top.

Since the number of complaints CMTPL in Moscow doubled and amounted to ten and a half thousand. From CASCO situation is not better. As reported in World politics, the majority of complaints related to delays in payments and understating the amount of compensation. But the most unpleasant surprise for car owners is the bankruptcy of an insurance company, and they will know about it only when there is a question of paying money to victims in the accident, said in a report "Vesti-Moscow".

A typical case occurred recently. Moskvich on their Hyundai Accent entered a brand-new Honda Accord, which cost more than his car four times. The hero of the accident did not realize how he "hit". "Six months ago, when I was insured for a year, my insurance has been a member of the SAR, they had a license. And three months later they went bankrupt, then my policy is operated for only three months," - found a car owner.

12 November 2009 | accident, car owner, collection, crisis, experts, insurer, situation

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