De Tomaso Pantera break free.

The world market has returned company De Tomaso and immediately proceeded to the creation of a new car Pantera. In early May this year, De Tomaso Pantera was discovered by journalists in Grugliasco near the factory. Machine, similar to the Noble M600 is equipped with a gasoline V8 engine and is built on an aluminum chassis. According to the WCF power the car is 550 hp Los Angeles International Auto Show at the new De Tomaso Pantera will appear this fall. De Tomaso company intends to release 2,000 copies of the new production model for the year. This car will be the second in the model number of the company.

30 May 2011

GOOGLEmobil - on autopilot for the U.S.
First bench electric car

• Carmaker Toyota released the first car with a hydrogen engine »»»
As you know, Japan is famous for its quality and innovative approach to the automotive industry.
• Petrol is no longer needed; cars on compressed air »»»
Cars brand "AIRPod", running on compressed air, this year will be released in the US by "Zero Pollution Motors".
• THAT'S ALL? FROM ... »»»
But solid 30 years in a row, that America "will kill" the country from which no one would not expect.
• Subaru Impreza WRX: Cosworth and Subaru decided to hit motorists all over the world »»»
Subaru company in collaboration with the well-known engineering company Cosworth teamed up to create an ambitious project that will amaze audiences around the world.
• Avtodiskaunter - in Finland can take a car to rent for 1 euro per day »»»
The idea of aircraft discounters offering flights for the “funny” money, for example, for one euro, landed at airports in Finland.