The Japanese have developed a new airbag

Unique “air cushion” for the Japanese car developed an independent organization “systems of protection in traffic accidents,” ITAR-TASS. In the event of a side collision, it falls like a curtain from the ceiling and the machine fills the space between the driver’s head and the window.
According to the expert committee, the new device for an average of 64 times reduces mortality in similar accidents, said a Japanese print.
During the experiment set on the platform of a car at a speed of 29 km per hour hit the right door into a metal pole. As expected, the security system worked, and the head of the driver-dummy instantly defended bloated “airbag”.
Its maximum size in the activated position of 45 to 150 centimeters. The device then sank and literally sprawled on the glass, freeing space in the car.

3 February 2007 | accident, japanese, organization, pillow, protection, security, system

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