What are the requirements of traffic police officers must comply with the motorist?

As is typical with the inspector DPS? You submit the document window, and the inspector (and sometimes it does not matter, there is a violation or not) offers you get in their car (or simply “deal”, or to the protocol). Should I do? P.18.4. “Manual on MRF, states:
Employees of DPS offers the driver out of the cab (cabin) of a vehicle in the following cases:
a) to eliminate the technical defect of the vehicle or violations of regulations governing the transport of goods;
b) when there are reasonable grounds for believing that the driver is intoxicated;
) for holding (in the presence of the driver’s seat) matching numbers of units and assemblies of the vehicle to the entries in the registration documents;
g) for inspecting vehicles and cargo;
d) where the drivers or passengers suspected of committing crimes;
f) in other cases where drivers are required to participate in the necessary documents or assistance to other road users.
Thus, the driver has the right to remain in the car, not leaving it to the usual team Inspector: Let’s go!

1 February 2007 | breach, claim, document, dps, inspector, motorist, protocol, staff, traffic police

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