HUMMER H3 / Made in Russia

Hummer for $ 50 000 - no joke. That’s the number we have is the youngest representative of the illustrious family. However, the price of basic kit.
New Hummer is like a reincarnation of the combat Cheburashki: at first glance incomprehensible evil is the beast, or funny.

31 January 2007 | equipment, family, hammer, opinion, price, representative, russia

Flying car X-Hawk will go on sale in 2010
“Feats” on the road will be taken into account in the price OSAGO

• In St. Petersburg women drivers will take revenge on the men »»»
In St. Petersburg women are going to put men on the drivers seat.
• Prices for "beautiful" number of machines are constantly growing »»»
The attractiveness of the three letters on the license plate in Russia is expressed primarily in prices.
• Lada C will cost up to 12 thousand dollars. »»»
In the price range of 10-12 thousand dollars will be three basic models of the P: sedan, wagon and hatchback.
• Avtodiskaunter - in Finland can take a car to rent for 1 euro per day »»»
The idea of aircraft discounters offering flights for the “funny” money, for example, for one euro, landed at airports in Finland.
• Inspection: approved new prices »»»
The new law on checkup took effect on 1 January, but now only government approved rates for the service, and in many regions remains unclear.