AutoBlog “Blog Archive” motorist from Rostov calls to ban sales of Peugeot

Rostislav growl from Rostov-on-Don, recently filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of Russia’s Peugeot. Motorist, whose car repaired for the year 18 times, requires to pay him 2 million 400 thousand rubles, and also to recognize the Peugeot 607 sedan dangerous for the consumer.

4 June 2006 | motorist, peugeot, sale

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• CTP dubbed the motorists »»»
Insurance payments will increase to 400 thousand rubles. Refusing to sell policies insurers will be punished with fines.
• Head of FAS will leave the country if President Putin would be »»»
In an interview with the famous Russian newspaper, the head
• Identified the most reliable car »»»
In reliability rating can get only cars not older than six years, which serially produced no significant changes in at least three years, and their annual sales in Germany of more than ten thousand pieces.
• For 11 months in Russia, raised more than 1 million cars »»»
The volume of car production in the industrial assembly in Russia for 11 months increased over the same period of 2005 to 74% - up to 245,547 cars, said Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Ministry of Industry of Russia Viktor Semenov.
• Project to encourage purchases of domestic cars will start in 2010 and provides for payment of 50 thousand rubles for the disposal of old cars. »»»
Pilot project to promote the purchase of domestically produced vehicles.