How to pay fines chute and radio!

Bailiffs to raid drivers, do not pay the fine. If the defaulter refuses to give a penalty in place, officers arrested his assets - radio, spare tire, or the whole machine.

Told the spokesperson of the Chief Directorate of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) in the Moscow region, Anatoly Gara on Wednesday on the route Moscow -Peter at the entrance to the Wedge bailiffs raided along with local traffic policemen. The stationary position near the village of Davydkovo DPS inspectors stopped cars to check documents, and then bailiffs penetrated drivers GAI-based penalties. When it was discovered that a motorist listed as non-payment, officers suggested that he pay the entire amount on the spot fines, plus seven percent of the so-called “performing the collection - for the costs of bailiffs.

According to Anatoly Gara, just 1 hour of the bailiffs seized the budget of 11 thousand rubles, and found the driver, for which there were 33 unpaid fines. With malicious defaulters who have no money, FSSP can fight, arresting their property directly on the road. Gara said that this does not require the court’s decision.
“If the motorist most outstanding fines, we can measure, to arrest and remove the property from his car. For example, car or spare tire” - he explained.

21 December 2006 | anatoly gar, driver, fine, the reserve, usher

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