Carmaker Toyota released the first car with a hydrogen engine

As you know, Japan is famous for its quality and innovative approach to the automotive industry. Brands such as: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc., on hearing any layman. And today carmaker Toyota presents us with wonderful news. Carmaker Toyota in its Japanese media promised to December 15 this year to release for sale the world’s first car that runs on hydrogen. The car will go on sale so far only in Japan.

Carmaker Toyota does not cease to amaze with their innovations. The prototype car with a hydrogen engine was called - Mirai, he becomes the progenitor of a series of similar cars. The current prototype - almost working version, he passed all preliminary tests and ready for release. Our specialists are ready marketing materials to promote a new product: a complete set, prices, etc. Produce a model of planning a Japanese factory Toyota “Mitomati.”

According to the materials of the portal “All of Japan …”

19 November 2014

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