From the new traffic rules while the inspectors can only win STSI

On this Sunday in Russia radically changed some rules of the road. Thus, the passing lights will need to include is always and everywhere, not just at dusk and off settlements. The sign “No passing” no longer prohibit overtaking tractors. Exit onto the oncoming lane through a continuous line for a turn or reversal to equate to overtake on the relevant deprivation of rights for six months. Finally, the installation of the numbers of blind or reticula will be punished by a fine of 5 thousand rubles or the deprivation of rights for 1-3 months … Experts fear that the police in the coming days will earn a lack of awareness of drivers of acceptance: an updated version of the rules on the official website of the traffic police appeared only last Thursday.

Existing Rules of the road (SDA) over the Russian Constitution: they approved the government still October 23, 1993. However, if the constitutional amendment was not brought about (apart from reducing the number of regions and changes the term of office of the president and parliament), the SDA changes almost every year. Its present form - the 16 th!

“In Norway, the amendment of the updated rules for FREE to all car owners. In Russia, drivers will learn about the amendment of the media, but some will tell one other - the other and the police will be in this mess” - lamented in a conversation with “NO” the president of the College legal protection of car owners Viktor Travin.

The current amendments - some of the volume in the history of the SDA: changes are made once in 20 articles. Among the major innovations - the duty of drivers to include passing lights while driving is not only outside of the village, but also inside. That is, anywhere and at any time of day. “The first time everyone will forget about it, and traffic police - collecting fines” - predicts “OR” vice-president of the Movement of Russian Motorists lawyer Leonid Olshansky. Confusion, according to Mr. Olshansky, and will make a priority of being on a circular cross over entering the circle (under the old rules it was vice versa).

19 November 2010

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President Dmitry Medvedev has prepared a decree on the mandatory use of helmets by drivers and passengers of vehicles of category “B”.
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The State Duma passed the first reading amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, allowing drivers to fine of 5 thousand rubles.
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“During the past 5 years we have a necessary condition for movement outside the settlements.
• In Russia will toughen penalties for sale of cars with foreign license plates »»»
Severe punishment - up to criminal - threatens those who use cars with foreign license plates - for illegal sale.
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