Named the most beautiful cars in the world!

That beauty - a terrible force that holds true for cars. And the question “Who on earth all the sweeter in 2007?” was resolved by a special jury at the 22 th International Automobile Festival. However, because there is the most beautiful car in the absolute “is still too difficult, organizers pitched the contestants in 13 categories.

8 November 2006 | light, power, question, world

What happens to stolen car?
In alcohol abusers drivers seem to select the machine?

• Female car Geneva 2007 »»»
Car exhibitions provide automakers the opportunity to present the audience their beautiful models, flaunting their sumptuous lines and seductive shape.
• Top Gear chose the 12 best cars of 2006! »»»
Not so long ago perevozbudivshayasya edition of the British motoring magazine Top Gear has selected 100 of the sexiest cars of all time.
• Russia's motorists have begun collecting signatures for the dismissal Luzhkov »»»
Russia’s car enthusiasts from among the activists of social movement “Freedom of Choice” have begun collecting signatures for the resignation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
• In Moscow, failed to hold the first legal street racing »»»
At the weekend in Moscow was derailed by holding the first legal street racing.
• Drivers and passengers of cars forced to wear helmets »»»
President Dmitry Medvedev has prepared a decree on the mandatory use of helmets by drivers and passengers of vehicles of category “B”.