What happens to stolen car?

In most cases the client on stolen vehicle is known in advance. TLC Jeeps and Lexus go beyond the Urals. Only reliable Japanese suspension withstand the terrible roads Russian glubinok. But businessmen and officials in the Siberian cities are well known to members of DPS and their preferred once again did not slow down. Mercedes and BMW often go to the Caucasus.

7 November 2006 | case, customer, jeep, pendants

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• Invention of the protective system, which allows to control stolen car at a distance »»»
Specialists of General Motors invented the anti-theft system, allowing control stolen car at a distance.
• The Japanese have found a new way to deliver their cars in Russia »»»
Party of the new Japanese cars, which until recently crossed the sea to Russia through Finland, will now be delivered to the European regions of Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
• Beckham's stolen BMW found the Minister of Macedonia »»»
Macedonian newspapers have published photographs in which presumably represented BMW X5, stolen about a year ago, the footballer David Beckham.
• Honda introduced the European version of the model Accord »»»
It is just concept. But just know that the serial Accord will like him as two drops of water.
• Automobile owners in Murmansk are tired of the road and began to collect signatures »»»
In these moments in Murmansk is an action to collect signatures under an appeal to the leadership of the city in which car owners speak out against bad roads.