Drift (controlled drift car)

Drift - controlled drift car at disrupting the rear axle, while the front wheels turned in the opposite rotation direction. The car is at an angle to the trajectory of motion, and strength, driving the car in normal conditions ahead, on the arc of rotation when controlled skidding decomposed into two components:

1. Radial: keeping the car on a curve and perpendicular to it.
2. Tangent - tangential to the trajectory and the motion carries. It is important to note that the drift in the classical sense is to move it on dry asphalt in the rear-drive car.

The first time, most Russians learned about drifting from the movie “Fast and the Furious. Tokyo Drift.” In the movie it looks very impressive, but what it really? And anyway, what drift?

Drift as a motorsport discipline first appeared in Japan. Most races were held in Japan on mountain mountain roads. And one of the drivers Kunimitsu Takahashi during these races famous aggressive cornering at high speed, pressing the car to the inner radius, slid all the wheels with minimal drop in speed. Effectively and efficiently, at the time, technology allowed him to win many competitions, and of course get many fans. Among the fans was also a street racer Keychi Tsuchiya, he was so impressed by the talent Kunimitsu Takahashi, which was to use his technique drift during a street race and eventually gained fame among street racers. His reputation grew to such an extent that auto-publishing of Japan in 1977 decided to make a video about the skill Keychi Tsuchiya. This year is the year of birth drift. But in the U.S. drift became popular only in 1996.

Now drift divided into legal and illegal. With all the illegal, more or less clear of personnel from the movie “Tokyo Drift”. As in the film, that life is disparaged by many fans of underground parking between the pillars:

with legal drift harder. In the world of competitions to drift and the result of drivers evaluated on several parameters:

* angle to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle to the trajectory of its motion, the more the better
* speed cornering (preferably from 100 km / h)
* Clean trajectory ( “Riding the rails as”)
* Entertainment and style (the only biased assessment)

way, drift is one of the few motorsport disciplines, where the distribution of seats do not take into account the travel time of the route.

in drifting used RWD machine small to medium size. For drifting freestyle better suited korotkobaznye cars, they are faster and at a lower speed thwarted drift, but are much heavier to manage, constantly have to taxi and “play” the gas pedal. For sporting drift cars are more suited to the longer base. These vehicles go more smoothly in skidding and sliding, are stable in this state and allow driftovat at sufficiently high speed - about 100-150 CPM. The list of such vehicles is quite extensive:

Nissan (Nissan 240SX, Nissan Silvia S13, Nissan Silvia S14, Nissan Silvia S15, Nissan 350Z, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Cefiro, Nissan Laurel)

Toyota (Toyota Corolla AE86, Toyota Altezza, Toyota Aristo, Toyota Soarer, Toyota Supra, Toyota MR 2)

Honda (Honda S2000, Honda NSX)

Mazda (Mazda RX-7, Mazda RX-8, Mazda MX - 5)

BMW (BMW E 30, BMW E 36, BMW E 46)

Amerikanka (Ford Mustang, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Viper)

But the most common at the time were Nissan Silvia (he same Nissan 200SX/240SX)

Toyota Corolla AE86

way for modern drift pilot is simple and costs. First, you need to buy a car and find a donor site for training. If, in the presence of money, with car problems probably will not, from the ground is much more difficult. More car and driver are tuning. Since the pilot is simple - “to study, learn and learn, (c) Lenin, VI And what should be done with the car? Primarily facilitated car (the rear seat, interior paneling throw) and weight distribution is changing cars in the direction of greater weight on the rear axle, then forced by a motor, reflash the brains are removed various “environmental” constraints. Must not forget to install hydraulic handbrake! Then increase body rigidity (installed or safety cage or strut around the body, trunk and engine compartment), the salon must add racing seats - bucket and 4-6ti point safety harness. Then comes the turn of the suspension - the most savage put damper struts, with the progress of the compression and rebound less than 1 cm, and stabilizer bars. The taste dilapidated front and rear wheels at 1 degree. Must set locking rear differential - rear-wheel drive in any conditions should be “row” at a time. And of course - focusing on the rubber, it should be low-profile tires, something like 255/35/R18 on forged discs. And if you put the rubber with a special smoky-colored composition (it is a pity, this gum banned in official competitions)! We have to remember one workout or one of the competition and sets, and even a few, rubber was gone. Well, if you are too much money, then the refined look of the car - kit and color. It turns out that something similar to this car:

And most importantly, do not forget that sex aerobatics should be safe, especially for those around!

Video fasting …. .

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