What will be the car of the future?

We probably watched films about fantasy or read well-known science fiction writers. So many of them certainly were, what would be the car of the future. Very often, this car is flying, often in the form of a flying saucer, and sometimes quite unusual. So let’s look at the car of our time, and assume what it will be some sort years through 20-30-50.

12 January 2008 | film

Toyota plans in 2010 to sell a million hybrids a year
More photos Mazda Furai (and video).

• BMW M3 GTR 2002: Auto auf dem Bildschirm »»»
Jeder erinnert sich an den sehr steilen Schubkarre aus dem Spiel NFS Most Wanted.
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Dans le film “j’en ai assez” caractère film Michael Douglas obtient dans la bouteille et si bouleversé à ce sujet, alors ce qui élimine pratiquement la moitié de la population de Los Angeles.
• Flying car X-Hawk will go on sale in 2010 »»»
Tireless Israeli doctor Yoli Rafi (Rafi Yoeli) and his company Urban Aeronautics told reporters something new about the flying car X-Hawk.
• Brazilian singer asks criminals do not break down the door of his car »»»
Five times during the eight days the car was robbed musician from Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre.
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New Year’s week - it’s time to take stock of the year.