The Swiss are building a real car-wreck

Company Rinspeed has developed the world’s first car, which is able to swim under water like a submarine, and without stopping to go ashore, continuing the movement on the highway. Unusual machine must be presented to the public in the spring.

20 December 2007 | highway, movement, stop, water, world

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• Automotive engineers are ready to abandon camshaft »»»
Engineers from the company Valeo developed engine, devoid camshaft. Instead, they propose the construction of electromagnetic solenoids, which will manage the movement of valves.
• Car Windows »»»
Progress does not stand still: the world no longer seems to be a single machine, which would not have used one or other computer technology.
• In India, will present the world's cheapest new car »»»
In the Indian capital next week to present the world’s cheapest new car, a price which will not exceed 650 dollars, the newspaper Guardian.
• The singer Alexander Marshall drove a new Toyota Landcruiser »»»
In the car, Marshall was installed the AutoLocator. This anti-theft system that uses the principles of satellite-based search technologies and technology radio search.
• Cars Sultan of Brunei »»»
The whole world knows that the Sultan of Brunei, who is one of the world’s richest people, well, just a lot of cars.