Head ATC was fined 50 thousand,

In April this year on the road near the village Korotchayevo policeman at the request of his friend stopped the car driven by a resident of the village, and unreasonably withdrew his certificate of registration of the vehicle, power of attorney for the right to control and driver’s license. Then Andrew Litnevsky demanded of men proceed by car to the building of the militia, which suspended him from driving and gave a knowingly unlawful reference subordinate employee to put the car in the specified service garage.

As it turned out, police sought to pass illegally detained the car to an acquaintance who, being engaged in entrepreneurial activities, previously purchased the car on the specified goods offered to him, then wanted to return the vehicle back to its use.

27 October 2006 | administration, april, facility, highway, license, p, policeman, resident, thousand

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