Internet saves time on the road

Millions of Muscovites go to work in the morning, often crossing the entire city. Tours of these visits often coincide. To spend less time and effort on the road between home and work, they devise various ways. In this article we describe the two original ideas that spread in the city.

For example, every day you ride by car from Solntseva to Taganka. Do you have free space and a desire to enjoy spending time in Moscow’s dense traffic. Or vice versa - you would like to find the motorist who would have picked up to work. Enough to place a free ad on the site.

2 June 2007 | city, jobs, method, million, muscovite, power, road, route, time

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• Recently, to the delight of motorists in Moscow, a new site »»»
Recently, to the delight of motorists in Moscow, a new site http://www.
• Yandex has launched a mobile version of maps of Moscow traffic »»»
Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams.
• Muscovites have ignored the "Day without cars" »»»
Moscow drivers have ignored the event “A Day Without a Car”, conducted on Sept.
• From the new traffic rules while the inspectors can only win STSI »»»
On this Sunday in Russia radically changed some rules of the road.
• The Japanese have developed a new airbag »»»
Unique “air cushion” for the Japanese car developed an independent organization “systems of protection in traffic accidents,” ITAR-TASS.