EU Trade Commissioner refused to purchase Mazerati

Commission President José Manuel Barroso refused Briton EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson in his request to get him in administrative use the prestigious Executive Car of the Italian company Mazerati.
Told Belgian media on Saturday, chief executive of the European Union refused, because the chosen vehicle is the European Commissioner Mandelson very expensive, and its acquisition would cause resentment among ordinary Europeans.
To date, members of the European Commission’s fleet consists primarily of representation Mercedes, BMW and Audi.
Meanwhile, break the unspoken taboo of acquiring avtomobipey non-European brands made up his mind, European Commissioner for Ecology Greek Stavros Dimas, who sent a request to acquire him in administrative use Toyota Prius.
This car with a gasoline-electric engine is by far the most environmentally friendly. It is the European Commissioner Dimas acted as the initiator of the development approved by the European Commission this week to draft a new “green” the EU Directive, which stipulates that member countries of this regional organization since 2012, all new car emissions of carbon dioxide will not exceed 130 grams per kilometer run.

9 February 2007 | acquisition, chairman, class, commissioner, eu commission, trade, use

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