“Dakar-2007″. Fourth stage: The first death and another victory for the crew of the “KAMAZ-Master”

Crew of Russia Vladimir Chagin won the fourth stage of “Dakar” and continues to lead in the overall standings. Race, meanwhile opened the regular “black” account - during the phase of the South African motorcyclist Elmer died Simons. This death was already 47-th of the 29-year history of the rally.

8 January 2007 | account, crew, death, kamaz-master, offset, stage

Skoda “lets” viewers behind the scenes
Crew Chagina “KAMAZ-Master” capsized and left the rally “Dakar-2007″

• Vatican newspaper condemned the car racing Dakar »»»
Vatican newspaper Osservatore romano condemned one of the most famous motor racing world - Rally Dakar.
• The crew of the "KAMAZ-Master" won the second stage of the rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
On Monday took the second stage rally “Dakar-2007″ (Nador - Er Rashid) in the class of trucks, which ended in victory for Russia’s crew.
• Crew Chagina "KAMAZ-Master" capsized and left the rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
Crew Vladimir Chagin starred with “Dakar-2007″. At the 292-kilometer fifth stage of the five-time rally champion lost control and overturned his “Kamaz”.
• Crew Mardeeva "KAMAZ-Master" after 7 stages took 2 nd place in the overall rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
Crew Ilgizar Mardeeva moved into second place overall in the rally “Dakar-2007″ after gathering at the seventh stage of the crew of the Dutchman de Roy.
• Peskov "KAMAZ" is not afraid. Started the most famous Rally Dakar »»»
In Lisbon, starts the legendary rally “Dakar”. The first phase mnogodnevki will be held between the capital of Portugal and the city of Portimao.