Humor cop

Seeing the beautiful foreign car with dark blue numbers - necessary to walk up closer to her. Carefully inspect it from all sides, ask - how much fuel it consumes, whether podkacheny wheels, good whether it refueled with gasoline. And most importantly - do not be shy! This car is in the service of the state - and thus purchased and your money. Ask - do not hurry to whether the employee temporarily managing a car - perhaps he will propose to make a small test drive.

11 November 2006 | fuel, gai, inomarka, number, party, petrol, wheel

In alcohol abusers drivers seem to select the machine?
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• Appeared 102 th petrol for 122 rubles. »»»
At the British company BP gas stations began selling a new type of fuel - BP Ultimate 102.
• Caught 38 stations in Moscow! But where their list? »»»
The sale of substandard gasoline in the last year caught 38 stations in Moscow.
• Test-drive Mazda CX-7: The car you said listen and obey! »»»
“He stood on the court - an intense and muscular.
• Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years »»»
In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color.
• Ferrari has released cars on ethanol »»»
Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars under Ferrari International Automobile Salon in the United States introduced the first in its line of vehicles that run on ethanol.