Audi confirms hybrid Q5

German manufacturer Audi is not very fan of electric vehicles in every aspect, but it seems that this it only fuels his interest in “green” novinkam.Posle brilliant performances of the new Chevrolet Volt (and indeed in many other electric vehicles), the Germans showed a nice concept eTron, now they have officially confirmed that they begin full-scale offensive in the hybrid market.

4 January 2010 | audi, concept, electric, interest, market, producer

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• Toyota plans in 2010 to sell a million hybrids a year »»»
Today, hybrids and electric vehicles are enjoying increasing popularity. We can say that it is on such machines are pinning their hopes transport and automobile industry.
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Last certificate brilliant marketing idea - Norwegian double electric Think City.
• Daihatsu test a model of the future »»»
Daihatsu will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show, October 24 - November 4) highly eager to experiment.
• In the engine, the Audi »»»
Company Audi has received the first prize in the category Engine of the Year (Engine of the Year) for the third year in a row!
• Infinite ring quenches thirst restless Electric »»»
Nobody disputes that electric vehicles are clean, comfortable and reliable.