Automotive engineers are ready to abandon camshaft

Engineers from the company Valeo developed engine, devoid camshaft. Instead, they propose the construction of electromagnetic solenoids, which will manage the movement of valves. According to the developers, this system increases engine performance and 20% will reduce the content of harmful substances in the exhaust.

Similar design ready to present the company Jacobs Vehicle Systems of Connecticut and their counterparts from Lotus Engineering. However, unsolved problem of optimal operation of valves in the engines that have three or four valves per cylinder, writes “5 wheel”.

In turn, Fiat is finalizing a similar project Multiair for the 900-cubic the motor. They are expected to equip Fiat 500 2009 model year. Perhaps, Multiair will introduce and other diesel engines, as well as sackcloth turbocharged 4-cylinder engine for Alfa Romeo Junior.

7 January 2008 | camshaft, design, engine, engine, engineer, fiat, jobs, multiair, valve

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