The Japanese took 6 out of 10 positions in the best-selling U.S. car

Publication Forbes released its ranking of the best cars of America for 2007. In drawing up the top sheet has not been any comparative tests, and was chosen as the simplest way - counting the number of cars sold (for the period from January to October 2007).

25 December 2007 | january, japanese, october, period, position, publication, rating, test, united states

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Sports cars VW Passat Individual

• Top Gear almost got his head in America »»»
Overall Top Gear filming story in America: one of the leading bought a used car for 1000 ve in Miami and began to test them as usual, one step test was a motor race at 500 miles.
• China became the largest automobile market of the world »»»
The British agency Press Association reported that in the past year, China has implemented more than 50% more cars than a year earlier.
• In Russia, the reduced production of buses and trucks »»»
Production of trucks for the past 8 months of this year decreased by 20.
• How rabotoet spoiler? »»»
How does the spoiler? It turned upside down airplane wing.
• VW Golf VI: caught in America (spy photos) »»»
America, in general, is large enough to ride unnoticed for a couple of cars.